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How to call China from USA and Canada

Whether you just arrived into the USA or Canada or if you are there for some time, and you want to call China, we might have some special calling plans that you could use to make cheap calls. Many people arrive from different parts of the world, in the hope of starting their own business, or simply in a try to realize their personal hopes and aspirations. However, in most cases, that doesn't mean a complete disconnection from the places of origin, and so, certain actions are still required for this.

Calling would be one of the most accessible solution, and it works in real-time, which means it can provide both information and genuine emotions for both the caller, and the called person. Furthermore, due to the costs that most international calls have, it is one of the cheapest action, considering the potential return as well.
After you selected one of the calling cards, all you have to do is call, and here is how to do so:
- call the access code and wait for the prompt message
- dial 011, the code for international calls from USA or Canada
- after this, dial 86, the country code for China
- then, dial the area code
- lastly, dial the number you wish to call (6-8 digits) and wait for the system to establish your call

An example of a call to Beijing:
- 011 86 10 xxxx xxxx
Another example of a call to Shanghai:
- 011 86 21 xxxx xxxx

If you need to make it even easier, some of the numbers that you call more frequently, or your prefered ones, can be added to a speed-dial function. It allows you to add up to 10 numbers and all you have to do after dialing the access code is to press a designed key, from 1 to 9, as well as 0, and the rest will be processed by the system.
Another option for you, which is also free, is the auto-recharge option. Here is how it works: when your credit drops below a certain amount, usually $5, you can have it replenished automatically, as long as you provided valid information for a payment. Autorecharge can be activaded for your desired amount, starting from $10 and everytime it is required, the payment will be completed accordingly.
Rewarded contributions
If you already used our services, and had a pleasant experience, you may also refer some of your friends, family members, colleagues or basically everyone who also needs to call home or international. For this cases, whenever they reach a recharge of $20, you will also get a bonus of $5, creding which you can use to call international.
App to facilitate your calls
Do you want to make it easier? There is Nalo, the app that you can download for free, and use to call from mostly anywhere, with an internet connection. Just install it and after you have added credit, you may call with Aquatel's cheap rates.

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How to call United Kingdom from USA or Canada

Ever wanted to see the royal guards? Or maybe enjoy the sights from London Bridge, or see Big Ben? United Kingdom has many places to see and so, it makes for an amazing location, not only for business trips, but also for cultural endeavors. For whichever reason you might need to visit United Kingdom, there may also be a reason for you to call there.

Usually there are countless apps and services available for someone who wants to call international, but some are just better than others.
Apps to call United Kingdom
- Skype
- Rebtel
- Nalo
- Vonage
- Viber
- FaceTime
- WhatsApp
- GoogleBoice
- imo
- NobelApp
- Voxofon

Any of those apps can let you call international, and most of them even have free, app to app features, including Skype or Nalo. There is one trick however: since those require an internet connection, we could say that they have some limitations. Most of them also require strong internet connections, but imo, has the advantage that is also allows calls through 2G connections.
Calling cards
Those are available in many stores and on the interned, it only depends on your preference, and also on the various rates and taxes they apply. The safest would be to read carefully all the labels and the fine text, which usually “hides” information about some fees that could sometimes take a considerable amount off your calling credit.
An advantage for this type of calling cards is that calls are usually routed through basic phone lines, and this doesn't need an internet connection, so they can even be used from various types of public phones or institutional-based phones, which sometimes only have this option available, for reaching outside.
The options that we provide
Whether you prefer to use Nalo, or one of the calling cards that our company has, you can get some of the cheaper rates for international calls. The app can be downloaded easily from the app store, as long as you have an Android or iphone device and it doesn't take much space, as well as time to install.
Calling cards are also available for most locations, including United Kingdom and calling rates can be found on the website as well, where you could check anytime.
After you selected one of the calling cards, all you have to do is call, and here is how to do so:
- call the access code and wait for the prompt message
- dial 011, the code for international calls from USA or Canada
- after this, dial 44, the country code for U.K.
- then dial the area code (2–5 digits)
- lastly, dial the number you wish to call (6-8 digits) and wait for the system to establish your call
Example of a call to UK – Liverpool from USA and Canada, after dialing the access code:
- 011 44 151 xxxx xxxx

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How to call to and from Argentina

Did you ever plan to visit Argentina, or at least have a quick thought about it? There are so many astonishing places that are worth at least a visit in a lifetime, if not a couple of recurring trips. During those visits, phone calls are something entirely subjective, since in some cases, some would prefer to disconnect themselves from the stressful environments back at home, or to just take a small break from work or some other sources of tension; while others would actually prefer to stay in touch with certain family members or friends, and share with them the experiences they get during those trips. For this cases, our special plans for calling international, can step in, and make a difference.

How to call Argentina from USA or Canada

Usually, when calling international from United States or Canada, the standard procedure if you are using our company should be like this:
- dial the access code
- enter 011
- country code for the place you want to call
- number along with its area code

Usually, when calling with our company, you benefit of a PIN-less dialing feature, which is free, as long as you know the numbers from which you are calling and you register them in our system.

How to call from Argentina to some other countries?
For the cases when you just want to call other countries from Argentina, there is a possibility which also includes direct dialing, again, without PIN as well: Nalo. If you are using an Android device, or iphone, it is most likely that you can download our app from the store, and so, you will have additional options. A long as you are linked to an internet connection, you can dial, from most countries to most countries, using the displayed rates per minute, without additional costs, compared to a simple call through the access code. Here is how to call with Nalo:
-from the app interface, make sure there is a green dot, which shows an established connectivity
-dial the country code
-along with it, enter the number you wish to call

Visiting and calling Argentina
Argentina is a distant place of South America, with such a rich cultural value, and astonishing sights. Some of the mentions from among the "natural wonders" cathegory, would be Iguazú Falls, Glaciar Perito Moreno, Route of the Seven Lakes, Tigre Delta, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Aconcagua, Ibera Wetlands, Beagle Channel, Mendoza Wine Regions, Monte Fitz Roy, Volcan Lanin and Patagonia National Park even though it is not in Argentina but close to the border with Chile, along with many others. And from the list of culturally valuable objectives, we have Recoleta Cemetery, Staying on an Estancia, Caminito, Cueva de las Manos and the streets of Buenos Aires, which are oftenly enriched by tango performers. Ranging from skilled professionals, to the aspiring dancers, or those who are just starting their tango practice, every single one of them has its own charm, adding to the special atmosphere that is building up during those times. For visitors, Argentina could be an unique place, and a source of many keepsakes, for its inhabitants, it is just the daily experience and their style of living; for those who left this places, for various reasons, it is a place to always remember and maybe to sometimes call back.
All you have to do if you want to call Argentina from other countries, is to choose one of our calling cards, and choose an amount for the prepaid service. There are no periodical taxes applied and because of that, you may use it whenever you need, without the stress of having to use it within a time limit.
Furthermore, if you install our app, you'll not only get the 'possibility of direct PIN-less dialing, to Argentina from other countries, but also it will allow you to call from Argentina to other locations, including USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, just by using cheap rates and reliable services.

Summary of features, if you are calling from USA
- local access code, as well as toll-free access code
- PIN-less dialing from registered numbers
- one minute increments – meaning that you get charged for every minute you talk, not in batches (for example, 5 or more minutes)
- possibility of auto recharge
- speed dial
- referal rewards
- VoIP phones – can be used from anywhere, with an internet connection
- premium connection

Most of these features are also available from Canada or other countries.
If you have questions or want to find more about the services, just contact us at customer service 1-888-349-7986 or through other means, available on

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