Why should I purchase Alo World phone cards?

We mention three reasons: lowest international rates, high quality and convenience.

What is an access phone number?

An access phone number is a local or toll free number that gives you access to our system. After the prompt message, you can enter the destination number.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up online or by calling Customer Service 1.888.838.8433.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, you can cancel your phone service anytime.

. Do I have to switch providers in order to use your services?

No need to switch providers. Choose the Alo World phone service that fits your needs and start saving on international calls.

Can I use the calling card from any state in US?

The calling card can be used from continental US and also from Hawaii and Alaska.

Can I use the calling card to make local calls?

Yes, you can use our calling card to call locally, state-to-state, international, anywhere in the world.

Where can I find the calling rates of the calling card?

You can find the calling rates on our website aloworld.us or call our Customer Service number 1.888.838.8433.

Are there any monthly charges for using the service?

No, there are no monthly fees for activation, connection or maintenance of the service.

How can I use the calling card?

Follow these simple steps:

  • 1.Dial the access phone number (local or toll free).
  • 2.Enter the PIN when prompted.
  • 3.After the prompt message, enter the destination followed by #. For calls to USA, Canada or the Carribeans, dial 1+phone number. For calls to other international destinations, dial 011+country code+phone number.

Can I use the calling card from my cell phone?

Yes, Alo World phone cards can be used from cell phone and any other line: landline, office, pay phone.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. You can also mail us check and money order. When we receive it, we add the credit in your account.

How long does it take to receive the calling card information?

You receive the calling card information in a few minutes after purchase.

Can I top up my Alo World phone card?

Yes, it is rechargeable. You can also choose Autorefill option so you can keep calling without interruptions.

How can I register a phone number to my calling card?

You can register multiple lines to your calling card by accessing your account online or by calling Customer Service 1.888.838.8433.

Can I port my phone number?

Yes, contact Customer Service number 1.888.838.8433 and we will give you all the details.

Can I check my call history online?

Yes, with online account management you can view your call history, edit account info, make payments.

How can I send an SMS?

Simple and quick. Log into your Alo World account and you will be able to send SMS to any destination worldwide.

Do you have an App to use from my smartphone?

Yes, we have Nalo App available for Android and iPhone. You can download it for free and you can call, chat and view your loved ones. All you need is data mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

How can I log into Nalo Application?

All you need is the Username and the Password provided by Alo World. You activate the app and you can make calls right away.

Can I use Alo World while traveling?

Absolutely. Our access phone numbers can be used from various countries. VoIP phone services are also available from computer/laptop, smartphone and tablets (Android/IOS). Internet connection is needed in order to use VoIP.

How can I call without introducing Pin number?

To use your account without PIN number, register your personal phone number in the Alo World account and when you make international calls dial only local access number or toll-free phone number, enter destination followed by the pound key#.

How can I make free calls with Alo World?

You can make free calls by using Nalo Application or other VoIP solutions we provide. Install the app and advise your loved ones to do the same. Nalo to Nalo calling is free and unlimited.