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Desktop Softphone
Nalotel VoIP phone service allows you to make free international calls from your computer to any destination as long as you and your friends have Nalo Desktop Softphone.

A VoIP phone or IP phone uses voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network.
If you want to keep your device such as your phone or fax machine and to call with the lowest rates, international or local, our adapter is your best choice!! The VoIP phone adapters are generally very simple devices whose most basic function is to convert the human voice, fax data, into data packets and vice versa. You will receive an adapter which has to be connected to your digital home phone or fax, and Internet router or switch. Using a phone adapter replace the need for purchasing a new instrument that is compatible with VoIP technology. Additional functions include: caller ID, the dial tone, recognizing touchstones and all the other signaling functions required for a VoIP call. Now you can call with the lowest rates worldwide or make unlimited and free calls with Nalo to Nalo VoIP service.